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Construction is a rather complex process, consisting of several stages, one of which is the development of design documentation, on the basis of which metal structures will be subsequently manufactured.

Our metal structures plant has a design department, which consists of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the design of buildings and infrastructure from metal structures of varying complexity.

After signing the contract, our engineers, on the basis of the metal structures drawings received from the Customer, develop the detailed metal structures section and draw up an updated specification for the purchase of rolled metal, as well as refine the connection points, which makes it possible to simplify the installation of metal structures and reduce the construction time of the facility.

After shipment of finished products, the following documents are transferred to the Customer: a set of detailed metal structures drawings, installation diagrams and a list of metalware. And in case of dealing with customer raw material, we also provide a report on the use of metal.

In the event that you need to develop project documentation from scratch, you just need to fill out the technical task for the development of metal structures drawings:

The professional approach of our specialists to the design allows us to significantly reduce the time for the development of drawings and, as a result, the time for installation work. And all of that is directed at one goal – saving of your money!


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